10 Reasons Why Aliens Are Actually Fallen Angels or Demons

There are so many theories about aliens being associated with something evil. Here are 10 reasons according to our featured article, why aliens are actually fallen angels or demons. It is a thought-provoking subject that not a lot of people want to talk about, but still are curious on what exactly these creatures are. Just take a look at these statements that seem to be proving they are indeed demonic. After reading it, weíll leave the conclusion to you.

1. There are creatures written in the Bible that match the characters of the aliens described in our generation.

2. According to the Bible, aliens donít recognize Jesus Christ as God.

3. Aliens alter their stories so mankind would fall for their lies. Let's just say they have the gift of the gab. Take this one story for example. Aliens would say that they are from another planet like Mercury. As time goes by and mankind is getting more knowledgeable about our planet outer space, so we begin to learn that it is not possible for anyone to live on Mercury. And this is when aliens will change their statements. This time, their story turns out to be that they are from other solar systems and a different star group like the Andromeda and so forth.

4. Aliens are recognized to be advanced creatures, but isnít it questionable that they still need us humans to survive? Itís the very same characteristics of fallen angels in case you donít know. There have been different documents stating that aliens were getting tissue samples from human beings. Some were even said to impregnate our women. This idea is where entities like incubus and succubus came from.

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