5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider The Design Tiny Home

Going off grid is a thought in many peoples minds, especially with the lean towards living environmentally friendly and trying to reduce our carbon footprint. While going off grid sounds like a great idea (which it is), sometimes we forget how amazing our homes can look in the process, this is when looking at "5 Homes That Make Going Off-the-Grid Look Good," is a good idea. Wow, is one word that comes to mind when I look at these fantastic and modern looking designs, I find them so incredibly appealing and inspiring, and I can't seem to get enough of the great designs. The first one I looked at was a pre fabricated home concept designed by the students at the Appalachian State University, this concept has an energy efficient insulated envelope, along with solar energy and a system to collect water. It's a gorgeous modern design that won it first prize in the Electrical Energy Balance competition at the 2014 Solar Decathlon in Europe in Versailles. The next home (as per the photo) is by Erin Moore of FLOAT Architectural Research and Design, it is a 70 square foot wood and steel writers retreat in Oregon. The retreat has no connection to utilities. Another space we have the pleasure of seeing, is that which was created by architect German Brun. The cabin in the Ozark Mountains, reflects the owners Buddhist beliefs by having as little impact on the environment as possible. Rainwater catchment system, and photovoltaic array.

On the site I have to agree with the statement "Living off grid doesn't have to mean doing without, unless of course, that's exactly what you're after." These designs prove that going off grid has never looked better, it will have you rethinking your whole idea of this popular movement, and certainly the way our future is heading. I honestly can't wait to continue looking at the beautiful spaces and dwellings included on this site. You can find information on home (renovations and small spaces), rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, office and outdoors), and design sources (building materials, renovations, furniture, home accessories, appliances, and prefab home technology).

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