55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

Metal drums don't really look like much more than metal drums to the average guy. Lots of people can see a wooden wine barrel and enjoy its aesthetic beauty. It is easy to imagine wine barrels being transformed into planters bursting with bright flowers and you can well visualize creative garden and interior furniture made from wood. As fare as furniture made from metal drums, that is not necessarily an idea that many of us have thought of!

Have you ever know you could create many superb things with a metal drum? These 55 gallon metal drums have been cut, worked, and finished to make unique furniture. This DIY project is geared towards the handyman that has a knowledge of working with metal. From couches, lights and bike racks, tables, pedal cars and smokers; these are only few of the amazing ideas that you can learn and transform an old 55 gallon drum.

55 Gallon drums can be purchased from different companies that sells containers. To give you some hint regarding this DIY ideas, you can actually make a 55 gallon rain water harvesting by only making some modifications to the drum. The modifications includes drilling holes in the base or in the bottom of the drum and installing pipes to make water outlets, drilling again a hole at the top for overflow purposes and making a hole in the lid in order for the water to enter the drum.

You can also make a light bulb oven. In order to make this kind of idea, you need to have a machinist in order to cut the drum in half lengthwise. After the drum is cut in half, you need to drill the holes in the top of the drum for the installation of 100 or 200 watt light bulbs. You will also need a aluminum tape, aluminum-backed duct insulation, light bulb sockets, paving bricks and heavy-gauge insulated lamp wire. For more accurate instructions, you might need to consult the internet to be more exact. Good luck!

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