A Practical Beautiful and Accessible Tiny House with a Breathtaking View

Home is where the heart is so maybe it doesn't really matter the size of the home as long as there's love within it. Here's a practical, beautiful and accessible tiny house on wheels with a breathtaking view. This tiny house design shows that there is so much to love about a small space, and that home can be wherever you want it to be. Beautiful tiny houses are being built all over the world in an attempt to revolutionize how we feel about housing and to rethink the whole "bigger is better" mentality. Building or buying a house at any age can be an overwhelming experience, but it doesn't have to be that way. The tiny house movement is creating a whole new category of homes that makes it so much easier to build or buy a home that you can actually afford and that is affordable to live in too. House prices have been escalating over the years leaving young people feeling defeated when they look toward their future of high student loans and mortgage payments. Things are changing swiftly with the tiny house movement upon us and more people joining the movement every day.

The one way you can empower people is to show them a better way to live, where they are able to take care of themselves easily and be self sufficient. Tiny houses on wheels are one way to do that and they are the beginning of something beautiful. Owning a tiny house on wheels like this one featured on Conscience et Eveil Spirituel, means greater freedom in all regards of your life, which is something everyone is feeling in need of these days. Instead of being tied down to a mortgage on a huge house for the rest of your life, you could be living in a house like this, out in nature, surrounded by health and vitality. You could work less hours since your expenses would be lower, and even if you incurred some debt from buying or building a tiny house on wheels, you could easily pay that of in a few years. The environmental impacts of a tiny house are also much lower than that of a conventionally sized house, meaning we can be less of a strain on the environment. Many tiny houses also run on solar or wind power making them fully sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This sweet little tiny house design was the creative effort of Arnaud Tillard, a man living in France. He wanted to join in the tiny house movement and apply all of his home design knowledge into designing his own tiny house on wheels. The design is very small, but it's laid out really well. The deck really helps to open the space up to the outdoors and extends the square footage of the interior space, plus, it's removable so if the house needs to move, the deck can go along with it. Like other tiny house designs, ever square inch of the home is utilized. There's also some multifunctional furniture implemented into the space like the fold out table with drawers and a fold out couch. Having lots of windows also helps with air circulation and light, and really opens up the space. He even fit a nice kitchen in the small space, with lots of storage space. If you're thinking of building a tiny house of your own, checking out tiny houses like this one will be sure to inspire and motivate you. If you want to read the story on the website, just open the link in Google Chrome and use the Translator at the top of the page.***

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