Amish Technique for Stacking Firewood

The Amish have figured out the most efficient way, yet, when stacking firewood. It's easy to tell an Amish household from the usual rural family home. For one, there's no horse-drawn buggy in the garage of a rural, farm house, and at night, a rural home is lit up with fancy halogen bulbs, while an Amish household may be sitting in the dark. Another unique feature you'll see in Amish homes is this peculiar manner of stacking firewood. Apparently, to the Amish, stacking wood is an activity that exists on a whole other level. What makes the Amish wood stacking technique so different? And does this wood stacking technique come with advantages we don't know about?

To the uninitiated, the Amish are an Orthodox Christian group whose members shun fast-paced lifestyles and electronics. In an Amish home, you will notice that there is no electricity, and obviously, no appliances, no telephones, no computers and smartphones, not even lightbulbs, and most noticeably, no car in the front yard or garage. The Amish shun vehicles, except for tractors, because they may tempt the driver to stray away from simple living. If you have gotten used to big city living, living like the Amish may be detrimental to your mental and emotional health although a week or two without cars may save you on gas money!

The Amish lifestyle is slow-paced, but it's far from boring. As this unique manner of stacking firewood proves, the Amish may be onto something by stacking their firewood in a pyramid-like pile. The logic behind the pyramid-like pile is very impressive; by stacking firewood in this manner, water is drained out from the firewood easily, and the pile dries in a matter of days. The pyramid woodpile also holds more firewood rather than when stacked horizontally; one pile can accommodate up to 1,000 split logs.

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