Beautiful Architectural Details Abound in This Stunning Home With a Terrific Round Front Porch

When you think of the typical cabin building, you probably envision a simple, rustic structure that's been built in a remote location and that's surrounded by tall, towering trees. Although this is a fairly accurate picture of the average log house, there are currently a number of large log home plans that defy all expectations. This is certainly true of the home at 216 Brown Street in East Providence, Rhode Island. This is one of those large log home plans that is surprisingly rich with features, amenities, and eye-catching details. This absolutely stunning log house has an impressive, round porch with steps leading to a magnificent entry that boasts its very own fireplace. This addition is perfect for ensuring that all log house visitors are greeted by a warm and inviting environment as soon as they arrive at your door. You'll love maintaining a toasty fire in this brick addition during the coolest months of they year. In Rhode Island, large log home plans like this one also boast not two, but three, full-sized floors. With a winding staircase and no fewer than five, spacious bedrooms throughout, this is a log house that will provide families with plenty of room to grow in. The total lot size for this log house is an astounding 4,792 square feet and the house itself boasts a massive living area of 3,896 square feet. One of the best features about this particular cabin building, however, is its location. When you start shopping the market for a log house, bear in mind that location is always the one feature that buyers can never change. No matter how breathtaking a cabin building might be, if it's in an unsavory location, you'll rarely have the ability to thoroughly enjoy your investment.

This log house has been built right at the edge of the bustling downtown district. It sits in the middle of the College Hill neighborhood and is just a short jaunt away from Brown University. As such, this log house will allow you to truly connect with the surrounding community. Best of all, as the owner of this log house, you will have access to one of the most impressive master bedroom suites that even the best, large log home designs could possibly offer. This suit has an ample-sized dressing room and a breathtaking bath. You'll find a very versatile space on the third floor that gives you plenty of room to spare. The open design in this area can be easily converted into several additional bedrooms, a massive recreation area, a personal dance or art studio, or your very own home office. This property additionally has a gorgeous, city-style garden and a substantial, two-car garage. Built in 1886, this log house is classified as a single family home, but it can definitely accommodate far more. Thus, if you love regularly hosting guests in your home, this is an investment that's definitely worth pursuing. Offered for $899k, this log house is a veritable steal given its massive size, ample lot, impressive amenities, and first-rate location. This log house has twelve rooms in total, along with a basement, an attic, and plenty of usable space at the front porch outside.

Large log home designs in bustling city areas are hardly what consumers expect from traditional log house construction. It's important to note, however, that not every log house is built in the forest. There are a number of incredibly ornate log house designs that have been carefully constructed in big city neighborhoods and bustling, downtown districts. These massive structures can be far larger than most other options in modern residential homes and thus, they're perfectly suited to large or blended families.

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