Brilliant Way to Get More Juice in Your Fruits with This One Quick Trick

When it comes to food ideas and kitchen hacks you can never have too many. Food hacks can be a great way to save you time and money in the kitchen. Regardless if you are a trained chef or a student who want to prepare their dinner, the kitchen skills you have can always improve. So you are sure to love these ten clever kitchen hacks. The following are just some of the food hacks you will find on the list. This video has over 5,000,000 views. You are sure to use at least a few of these helpful food hack ideas.

1. Many people when juicing a lemon roll the lemon on the counter first to soften them and get the most juice. But next time you plan to juice a lemon, or an orange try this simple kitchen hack so you can get the most out of your citrus juice. Put the citrus fruit in the microwave for ten to thirty seconds. This will soften the thick peels and burst tiny juice vessels, which will allow you to get the most juice without a whole lot of work.

2. This food hack for keeping lettuce dry will save you money. Drying lettuce off before storing is important, but keeping the moisture out can be difficult. If you don't have a fancy container that keeps it dry, you will want to try this kitchen hack. Try placing a paper towel over a bowl of lettuce before covering. It will keep it fresh for up to a week longer; the paper towel will soak up all the moisture which is one of the reasons why it wilts and gets soggy so fast.

3. When fresh basil goes bad, the only option you have is to throw it away. So you will want to try your best and keep it fresh. With this food hack, you can do exactly that. The best way to keep basil fresh is to trim the stems and keep them in water, just like you would with fresh cut flowers. Then cover the basil with a loose plastic bag overtop. This kitchen hack will keep basil fresh for one to two weeks longer.

4. Next time you have to peel some garlic cloves, you will want to try this excellent food hack. This kitchen hack will peel your garlic in less than 30 seconds. To start to break apart the bulb of the garlic, then put the cloves of garlic in a sealed container. Shake the cloves of garlic vigorously for ten seconds, and get rid of the peels. Some of the garlic cloves may need a second shake. Just sift through the skins and gather up your garlic cloves.

5. You will love this four step food hack for enjoying an orange without all the peeling hassle. To start thinly cut off the top and the bottom of the orange while avoiding the flesh. Then cut a slit from the top to the bottom, then gently roll the orange out into a strip.

6. Use this food hack for when you have to pit a lot of cherries. Next time doesn't worry about going out and buying a cherry pitter. Simply place a cherry upside down over a glass bottle with an opening smaller than the cherry itself. Then use a chopstick or back of a skewer to poke the cherry pit and stem out, while keeping the cherry in one whole piece. This genius kitchen hack will also save you a lot of kitchen cleanup, because all of the cherry pits are in the bottle. You will find these food ideas, kitchen hacks and food hacks on the Household Hacker site. **

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