Check Out the Stunning Interior of This 2,839 Sqft Victorian Home

If you're currently interested in log home plans and designs, you should check out the stunning log house on 2711 Hibernia Street in Dallas, Texas. This log house has an impressive, 2,839 square feet of living space and is currently listed at $1,150,000, which is significantly below the median price range for similar homes within this same area. This log house is one of very few remaining homes within the State Thomas Historic District that's been built in the coveted Victorian style. The owner of this log house is virtually guaranteed to get the best of both worlds after having purchased this expansive and incredibly well-designed property. That's because it's both decidedly rich with Old World Charm and filled with contemporary and cutting-edge amenities. For instance, this log house has beautiful terrazzo counters, sleek stainless steel appliances, and a granite kitchen island. Moreover, it's also surrounded on nearly all sides by a massive porch with overhang. This timeless addition dramatically increases the amount of usable space on the property. Although this log house has just two bedrooms and two baths, it's offers ample room for hobbies, relaxation and play. Property residents can also enjoy a large, two-car garage that's fully enclosed and that provides securely gated access to the alley.

Log home plans and designs like this one are incredibly appealing to new couples and growing families. That's because these log house designs are highly versatile. This leaves plenty of room for young families to grow. Given the massive amount of space that's available at the interior of this property, particularly at the third floor, this log house definitely has real potential for conversions. One major benefit of investing in this log house, however, is the freedom to use the property in a variety of ways. This log house is currently zoned for both residential and commercial use. As such, not only is it perfect for raising young children, but there are also a number of growing businesses that could comfortably make their homes here as well. Built in 1930, this Victorian structure is filled with all of the ornate details that this era is so well-known for, including crown and baseboard molding, elegant, elevated ceilings, and massive windows. This log house is frequently flooded with natural light given that many of these windows stretch from the ceiling to the floor. This sunlight is reflected beautifully in the well-preserved, hardwood flooring that travels throughout the abode, for a bright and uplifting environment overall. This log house was fully renovated in 2012 and now boasts a recently installed central, HVAC system. This log house design also has a backyard koi pond, a lovely balcony on the second floor, sound system wiring, and much, much more.

The costs of implementing your own log house design from the ground up can be exorbitant. With the immense square footage of this home and the impressively large lot that it sits upon, the ability to sidestep the rigors of the building and development process make this property a real steal. Log house design plans as large as this one can be totally remodeled by their new owners. Thus, although you might prefer a new, custom building to existing log house construction, this log house design can be easily and perfectly modeled to suit your visions of your ideal abode. With sophisticated landscaping and a vast entryway, this unit is sure to garner the attention of discerning individuals fast. The best log home plans and designs always leave ample room for changes. With most home buyers outgrowing their residences in a space of just five to ten years, it would be nice to have a log house like this one. With free space that can be allocated for a number of buyer-specific applications, this log house design is virtually guaranteed to evolve with its owners.

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