Groundfridge Keeps Food Fresh, No Electricity Required

It is just so amazing and inspiring to see all of the new inventions and contraptions people are coming up with seemingly every day now! Take this Groundfridge which Keeps Food Fresh, No Electricity Required from the Inhabitat website. It looks like something from Star Wars or something but apparently it is able to keep your food fresh with no electricity. Which is a very forward thinking thing to create since people are in need of things that don't require electricity, they would be especially useful in warmer countries that don't have the most reliable electricity. It would also be an awesome thing for people who want to be completely off grid too, one less thing to power.

The Groundfridge as it is called, uses the same idea as a root cellar, using the coolness of the Earth to keep things at a nice low temperature so they last longer. The refrigerators we use in our homes were not even invented until 1913, so people had to have a way of storing their perishable foods. The thing with our North American way though, is that we seem to store a lot of food at once, so that we have it on hand if we need it. Our refrigerators are much larger than some in Europe for example or even in Mexico. People in other countries seem to use their food up right away while it is fresh and all the nutrients are still at their peak in the foods.

This wonderful invention can store up to the same amount as 20 normal sized refrigerators! Made out of hand laminated polyester, it maintains a temperature of 7 to 15 degrees Celsius which is enough to keep most things fresh for longer than room temperature! Head over to Inhabitat by following the link in the description below for more!

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