How to Make Firebricks (fire logs) and Wood Stove Logs for Free!

In the event you find yourself strangled on a deserted island alone, with nothing but trash and debris around you, or if you stumble upon an abandoned cottage in the woods and can't find your way back home, don't fret. These fire bricks and wood stove logs will keep you warm for as long as you need, or until you find yourself back in the arms of safety.

First things first, what's a fire brick and a wood stove log? If you are familiar with a wooden log sourced from trees, a fire brick is technically the same thing, except that it can be made out of any material. This ingenious survival DIY fire brick, for example, will be made from trash lying around your home, or wherever you find yourself lost and deserted in. A fire brick can be used for all sorts of things: you can set it on fire to cook your food, to see better at night, and most importantly, to keep yourself warm in a place where heaters, blankets, comfortable bedding are scarce. Fire bricks are also ideal alternatives to firewood for your fireplace or when you plan to go on a camping trip with family and friends.

The genius behind this survival lifehack is Jamie Burke who has made it his life goal to re-purpose all sorts of junk into useful items that anyone can recreate at home with the crudest materials.

Fire bricks are better than firewood in more ways than one. Making them requires you to recycle old stuff lying around your home. Once they are made (and the steps are very easy!), they can be used and reused again and again, for a long time. For penny-pinching campers or thrifty folk, this means you don't need to chop wood for the next few weeks.

When you're ready, read on to view the instructions at the 'Survival Sherpa' website below.

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