Learn How to Avoid Harmful Chemicals in Your Seed-Starting Soil and Save Money

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How to Significantly Reduce Your Heating Bill by Reusing Empty Pop Cans

Solar panels are very important to heat up the interiors of your home. This can be very helpful especially if the wind spreading inside the house is too cold for you to handle. Now the big question is ... read more

17 Things You Can Do to Earn a Steady Income from an Off-Grid Home

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Feeding Your Chickens Will No Longer Be an Issue Once You Learn How to Build This

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See How Old Wooden Doors Can Be Used to Create One-Of-A-Kind Garden Arbors

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You Don't Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Build a Solar Panel

Solar panels are very important to heat up the interiors of your home. This can be very helpful especially if the wind spreading inside the house is too cold for you to handle. Now the big question is ... read more

Learn How to Build the Ultimate, All-In-One Outdoor Cooking Unit for Only $300

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Save Time and Money While Growing Even More Great-Tasting Food

Ever heard of a hoop house? Well, if you are a gardener you will know that a hoop house can add months to your growing season. A hoop house is a structure, kind of like a greenhouse; that fits over a ... read more

How Not Throwing Away Your Trash Can Help You Reduce Heating and Electricity Bills

*Garbage truck comes* Wait, don't give out your trash to the garbage collector. ďThatís absurd! Why not?! Whatís the point? I canít keep all these garbage around the house! Itís going to stink and I d ... read more

Finally, a Permanent Solution for Killing Ants That Doesn't Involve Any Chemicals!

If you live in a cold climate, then you know there are many downfalls of the winter. Scraping off snow from your car, needing to shovel your driveway, having to bundle up in snow gear including snow b ... read more

Your Phone Will Never Run out of Battery Again with This DIY Solar Charger

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16 Fruit & Veggie Scraps You Shouldn't Throw Away

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The Revolutionary Way to Grow Potatoes (You Can Even Do It in Your Apartment!)

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How to Heat up Your Room with Old Soda Cans

Soda Can Solar Heat Panels. Recycling is something that people are doing for the environment, and the environment is always giving back. If you are curious on ways to learn how to harness solar powe ... read more

Here's How a Chainsaw Art Guru Decorates His Home

They say the bigger the better. That might be true to some aspects of life but nowadays tiny houses have been literally taken over and considered these past few days as one of the trending. Fairytale ... read more

Minimizing Energy Consumption, This Home Showcases the Perfect Blend of Utility and Beauty

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Here's a Little-Known Fishing Technique That Makes Trout Bite in Less than 60 Seconds

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Why Off-Grid Houses Are Becoming More Popular than Ever

"Who says off-grid is not Popular" doesn't know what they are talking about, off grid homes have never been so talked about. Tiny house living is the way to go when you are thinking of downsizing fro ... read more

Do You Know What the Best Method for Drying Food at Home Is?

Drying food is a centuries old technique for effectively preserving a wide variety of foods against spoilage. Many aboriginal cultures around the world have dried foods such as fish and meats to berri ... read more

How to Ensure a Reliable Source of Pure Water for Your Home

This great article from Off The Grid News details the steps involved in building a solar still for distilling water that may have been contaminated with anything from parasites and viruses to heavy me ... read more

This Rusty Looking Shipping Container Home Has a Stunning Surprise Inside

The saying ďdonít judge a book by its coverĒ perfectly fits the description of this shipping container home. It is the ugly duckling outside but within lays the beautiful swan. It doesn't really screa ... read more

How Junk Mail Can Help You Drastically Reduce Your Heating Bill

Depending on the climate where you live, home heating bills can be enormous at certain times of the year. If you have a fireplace in your home you can drastically reduce your heating bill even if you ... read more

See How a 5 Gallon Metal Bucket Can Be Used to Make a Portable Rocket Stove

Have you ever heard of the latest trend in self sufficient living called the rocket stoves? Well if you haven't already, prepare to be amazed, and if you have... here's a tutorial to show you how to m ... read more

Right-Hand Storing Tips for Keeping Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer

Do you want a highly nutritious diet? All you have to do is eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh foods are tightly connected to a healthy livelihood. Are you looking for way to store your fruits and ... read more

How to Maximize Your Garden Harvest with Fast-Growing Vegetables

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Introducing MetAir: The World's Most Powerful Recyclable Battery

Living off the grid also means going for rechargeable and other battery-operated materials. It only makes sense since having this lifestyle would cause a lot of efforts and wasted time going to town j ... read more

How to Make Your Garden More Fertile at Almost No Expense

There was a time when recycling as a general concept was new, trendy, and quite out of the ordinary for most people. Fortunately, now it seems as if not just every household but every public and priv ... read more

This Is What You Get When You Spend a Million Bucks on a Backyard Pond

Being a millionaire sure does give you a lot of perks in life, and one of them is owning a luxurious backyard pond that looks like it was made and designed for a king. If you have not seen a million d ... read more

For an Abundance of Delicious Early Girl Tomatoes, Follow These Tips

There many different types of tomatoes, one of the most popular one that you always see in supermarkets are the Early Girl tomatoes. Vegetable gardeners in America love to grow them in their backyards ... read more

49 Flowers You Can Eat (If You Dare!)

Flowers don't just beautify the garden nor are they not just something that will make your room look good. They are also healthy for your body. That's right! There are many flowers out there that you ... read more
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