Insane wrap around porch on the Lexington Log Home for under 100K

This 4 bedroom (and 3 bathroom) dream home, complete with an Insane wrap around porch on the Lexington Log Home, could be yours for under 100K! So many options available when buying and building log homes, it is easy to see why this is such a popular trend! Everyone wants a retreat or second home away from the city. Now is your chance to buy (or Build) your dream home today!

It is becoming so easy to make dreams reality with the affordable trend in building log homes... log home kits! Now, technology lets the buyer custom pick everything from the shingles to the floorboards. The logs used to build the homes are all dried naturally, without the use of kilns (known to make the wood brittle and harder to work with). Hand-carved custom accents from log beams to carved support posts or a vaulted ceiling. Custom accents are added like rustic 'family tree support post", or vaulted ceiling areas, and decorative 'log rafters'. Handcrafted Log Accents are hand-peeled which is hard to find in the "milled log" industry. Each log has certain characteristics that should be considered when building your future dream home. Builders (and buyers) should consider the below:

- Using a small tree to build causes many joints.

- Certain species have strong odor and density, meaning it never dries completely and creates a moist environment perfect for mold and mildew growth

- Some have soft knots (that turn soft shrink and fall out) causing the need for repairs from possible leakage

- Hard wood is heavier and difficult to work with versus other softwoods

- Damp wood tends to warp and twist causing gaps between the logs and loss of the all important "wood-to-wood" contact

The go-to species to build log homes for eLog Homes seems to be Pine. This species is sturdy and doesn't have knot problems or bad odors. The wood is strong and has a beautiful natural grain and can provide shelter for many generations. This way of building is also good for the environment employing sustainable practices, like harvesting dead-wood or re-planting the trees for a continual resource.

The energy-efficient and sustainable eLogHomes, has some beautiful log homes and if you feel this lifestyle is a fit with you and your family, feel free to check out the link and see an Insane wrap around porch on the Lexington Log Home (your next dream home for under 100K)!

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