Is The Moon An Artificial Alien Base?

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The moon is the Earth's only natural satellite, and its rhythm has guided people over the century. In fact, a determination for calendar months are made by the moon's cycle of going from one full moon to the next. The moon has a diameter of 2,159 miles and is one-fourth the size of the Earth. The ability of the moon to reflect sunlight and its ability to affect greatly its mother planet and life on that particular planet is in fact very interesting. Clearly, the moon has been the subject of numerous studies and theories of curious individuals who wish to conduct a comprehensive exploration of the moon's origins and other unknown uses.

One theory would be the Alien Moon Theory. This particular theory suggests that aliens might have been operating our natural satellite for their own use. It has also been stated that these uses might include the moon being a very huge space ship or a workplace wherein machinery, advanced accessories, and useful tools are being fixed and reconstructed for the aliens' exploratory purposes. Another proposition is that it may serve as a gigantic, alien base as well that have been developed in its full potential by a multi-intelligent civilization, one in which technology is a way of existence.

Majority of the population might have heard about the exploits of a few of NASA's retired astronauts who went on an courageous mission via the flag name 'Apollo'. Upon return, these space personnel have reported unusual contact with aliens and their UFO, further giving a huge deal of evidence for a project by Google Moon Photographs, which captured unusual illustrations of rectangular patterns on the surface of the moon.

The reality of these extraterrestrial lifeforms may be uncertain as well as their aims on the Planet Earth, and for that, the Alien Moon Theory may be just one of the answers that build an entire hypothesis that Aliens may be existing among us, if not above our habitat.

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