New Classic Red Velvet Cake

There are some cakes that you just can't say no to. For some people it is a Classic Red Velvet Cake, but here is a great New Classic Red Velvet Cake recipe from My Recipes, that will impress most everyone. People love cakes that have a cream cheese icing, there is just something so luxurious about it after all. The silky smooth creamy icing, with any flavour of cake is sure to please all different taste buds. Maybe it could be because this kind of icing isn't as wildly sweet as some of the other kinds of icing or frosting. Cake toppings like fondants can be some what nauseatingly sweet, and be a little too much for the taste buds. But the cream cheese icing always seems to be just that perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

The Red Velvet cake, became more popular when the film Steel Magnolias came out in 1989. It showed a red velvet cake in the shape of an armadillo for a groom's cake. Then, Magnolia's Bakery in the mid 1990s, began making them and they became very popular in New York at the time. The popularity has risen since then, and now there are red velvet pancakes and cupcakes as well. Red Velvet cake goes back further than that though, even though the cake is known mostly as a Southern recipe, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York are known for having the original recipe. In the midst of World War 2, when food was being rationed, people would use beet juices to colour the cake as well as to add moisture, and in the Great Depression, Adams Extract out of Texas began selling the food colouring extracts that people could use to colour the cakes. In Eaton's shopping centres in Canada, it was known to be a well kept recipe by the department store workers, and it was served in the cafe that was attached to the shopping centre. So as you can see, the Red Velvet cake does have quite the history.

This particular cake recipe from My Recipes website, actually does call for beet in it! Which is kind of neat, since that is how the cake was originally coloured red, and since it is a far more natural way in which to colour the cake without artificial food colouring. We all know how red beets stain anything they touch when they are peeled and cut, so it is no surprise to see that they can really brighten up a cake. They can also add a lot of moisture to the cake as well, which is another bonus. The cake recipe here, has all of the other normal ingredients that a usual cake has, flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt. The icing is a cream cheese icing, made with cream cheese of course, whipping cream, greek yogurt, and powdered sugar. This is the icing that goes in between the layers of this layered cake. The final icing on the outside of the cake however, is a meringue frosting similar to something you would have on a lemon meringue pie. The Meringue topping would be a lovely complement to the red velvet cake paired with the cream cheese icing.

What an awesome cake this would make, such a fabulous recipe to try. A layered cake can seem daunting at first, but it really isn't the hardest thing to make. Layered cakes have been make throughout history and are a great way for people to get a taste of the icing with each bite of cake. Plus, they also look amazing when you cut them open to reveal the inside of the cake with the red and white layers which look so pretty! Enjoy!

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