Ripley Confirmed to Return for Neill Blomkamp's Alien Film

Yes, the rumors are true. Fox is creating a brand new Neill Blomkamp Alien movie and it sounds as though Sigourney Weaver is on board for the role of Ellen Ripley. The media is being very hush hush about the story line, but some glimpses of the art line has reported that the movie will be one of a kind and nothing like the ones you have seen before.

For all your movie lovers out there and media history nerds, the first Alien film was made in 1979. Some facts you may not know about the first film:

1) Apparently shredded condoms were used to create the look of tendons on the beast jaws.

2) To get the cat to be scared of the Alien, a German shepherd was plant in front of the cat with a screen between them so at first the cat would be fine, and then all of a sudden fearful and hissing.

3) Harrison Ford was asked to play the part of Captain Dallas, but he turned it down.

4) The tail of the facehugger was made of sheep intestines (eww!)

5) The famous 'chestbursting' scene was done in 1 take, with 4 different cameras.

6) Oysters and shellfish were used to create the look of internal organs in the autopsy scene.

7) The Alien was played by a new discovery, Bolaji Badejo, who was discovered in a bar and pointed out for being 7 feet tall with perfect thin arms.

8) The front of the Aliens costume was made from the cast of a real human skull.

At this point there is no release date for the film, but fans around the world are waiting with baited breath for this new possible favorite to emerge in the big screens.

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