Signature Victorian Style Home With Spacious and Elegant Kitchen and Baths, Don't Miss This!

Located on the east side of Providence, Rhode Island, 140 Brown Street is a stunning sight to behold. This signature Victorian cottage is situated in a prime location; right in College Hill. Built in 1890, this historic log house design has been perfectly preserved throughout the years. It boasts five bedrooms, three full baths, one partial bath and 12 rooms in total. If you're in the market for a new log house design, this existing log house construction is well-worth considering. Priced at $859,000, this log house has a wealth of amenities and features that make it a veritable steal. In addition to being rich with unique personality and charm, it's got a massive basement, ample attic space, storage throughout, and a number of surprising, contemporary additions. You'll be hard put to find another log house like this one given the decorative and ornate details of the Victorian style and the vast array of outdoor features that increase the available, usable space. With 3,699 square feet of living space on the inside, this house is suitable for a large, and still growing family as well as for couples who love to entertain.

The traditional log house is usually situated in a very remote setting. Log house construction is often used as a retreat for busy professionals and families who want weekend getaways. These log house design plans are intended to bring consumers closer to nature and further away from the stresses of a busy and incredibly hectic, modern life. This, however, is hardly the intention of the log house on 140 Brown Street. This massive log house is right in the middle of a bustling city. In fact, it's just a short walk away from Brown University. Occupants can also easily access the train from this log house, swimming facilities, recreational facilities, a reputable hospital, and a number of top-rated public schools. There are also countless shops and restaurants that are located right nearby this log house, making it ideal for people who want veritable sanctuaries in their homes, while still maintaining access to the lively, social atmosphere that surrounds them. At the interior of this log house, you will find gorgeously restored, hardwood floors in the style that's typical of Victorian design. This log house also has updated plumbing and electrical, a two-car garage and a recently installed, central air conditioning and forced air heating system. One very important thing to note about log house construction is that it's inherently energy efficient. The real wood that this log house design is made from is naturally self-insulating. This means that buyers won't have to spend a fortune on heating and cooling this property. Moreover, when the weather is permitting, they can always step outside to enjoy the fenced garden patio, and the ample-sized backyard.

Bay & Bay Architects has recently upgraded the kitchen and bathrooms in this log house as well. These spaces feature high-end fixtures, gorgeous shower enclosures and other amenities that give them a beautiful, seamless and easy-to-maintain look. This log house design is currently classified as a single family home despite its massive size. The entire lot for this log house design measures 4,356 square feet. This generous amount of space accounts in part for the hefty price tag, but prospective investors should also note that its premium downtown location make it a high-value property all on its own. With a downstairs laundry room, a new washer and dryer, a recently installed dishwasher, and a garbage disposal and refrigerator, this log house has all of the modern amenities that a buyer could want, despite its decidedly historic appeal.

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