UFO Appeared Near the Sun, Which is Depicted in a Glyphs in Egypt!

Have you ever seen a UFO before? Have you ever been able to catch one on camera? Well a You Tuber claims he has figured out from a photo of the sun that this is a alien space craft he has seen. He compares it to glyphs from the ancient Egyptian pyramids and I have to admit that the image found in the picture of the sun is very similar to that of the glyph pictured. The glyph of the alien space craft is surrounded by other glyphs of alien ships and looks very interesting. When you see the video you will understand what I mean. There is no question about it , there are other beings out in the universe.

Some travel here to check out what we're up to possibly. There are many highly developed beings that have access to higher grades of technology and they use this technology for their space crafts. Many people think that its too Sci- Fi or out there to be real, but I think if people opened their minds, they would be astounded at the truth of the universe and many things we are not told or taught. To me, its nothing to be afraid of, some of these beings are just curious about what we are doing, or some times they want to help if they have exceeded the point where we find ourselves right now. It makes sense to me that people are grasping at straws trying to prove that extra terrestrial beings exist in our universe, but it is slowly becoming common knowledge. So many people have had experiences that you just can't make up even if you wanted to. Check out the video for some very neat footage and some cool similarities to the ancient glyphs from Egypt!

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